Mapping Creosote Pilings

We’ve just started a new project that involves using drones to locate creosote pilings in our estuaries. These pilings are contaminating our water and need to be removed. The problem as usual is deciding who’s going to pay for it. More info about pilings can be found at the Sound Water Stewards website.

creosote pilings

Using Drones to Cover Ground

One of the great things about using drones is that they can also record the gps location of where the photo was taken. This will go a long way towards mapping out where these pilings are.

Although this is a brand new project to Star Air, the principle remains the same. Do what ever we can to help our planet using aircraft and drones. If you have a moment, please visit Rugged Coast Research Society and read about their cleanup efforts.

Star Air is currently mapping creosote piling locations in Port Alberni’s estuary. Please stay tuned for more photos and updates.

In the photo above, you can see the older creosote style pilings that are still attached to a more modern metal piling group. 

If you need some help locating creosote pilings or anything else please get in contact with us.
778 789 4907