Virtual Tour

$ 150
  • 3d Flythrough Video
  • up to 2500 sq ft
  • Hosting Included

Virtual Tour Plus

Virtual tour, Photos and Floor Plan
$ 300
  • Virtual Tour
  • Photos
  • Floor Plan
  • Up to 2500 sq ft
  • Hosting Included

Virtual Tour and Drone

$ 450
  • Virtual Tour
  • Photos
  • Floor Plan
  • Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Your eye in the sky!

I love doing aerial photography and can’t wait to get you some amazing photos.

Virtual Tours

Wow your customers.

I do virtual tours of your location as well as tours out in the wild. The tours in the wild will have your logo embedded in the image

Google Street View

Get more traffic into your business.

More and more customers are looking at business locations online before ever walking in.


$80 3D Scanning and Mapping of the home – Required for virtual tour, photos or floor plans.
$120 Virtual Tour
$60 Photos
$60 Floor Plan

Package rate for all of the above together is $289 taxes included.
Based on a home under 2000 sqft

$180 for Aerial Photography and is not included in the package above.

Aerial Photography

Real Estate Photos – $60
$60 is for up to 5 photos of the property from the sky.

Aerial 360 Degree Photos – $60 Each + $20 for each additional

$80 for both packages above in a combo price.

Travel fees apply to Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum and Tofino.
Travel fees are $1 per km in one direction from Port Alberni. No charge for the drive back home.


Aerial 360 Photography

46 photos taken from the sky by a drone held in place through GPS. All 46 photos are then hand stitched together to form one image that shows every angle. There’s really no better way to see a property and its features. Click one of the links below to see an example. You’ll be able to grab the photo with your mouse and move it around.

Benefits: These photo can be shared on social media in a way that regular photos can’t. As people scroll through their feeds and come across your aerial 360 it will rotate as they scroll catching their eyes. They can touch the screen right there and move the photo around. It captures their attention and has an incredibly high click through rate, meaning you’ll get more people viewing your listing.

Aerial 360 Photo Example 1
Aerial 360 Photo Example 2

Virtual Tours

Real Estate – $129 ON SALE $80 tax included.
Any home under 5000 square feet is $129 tax included.

What’s included:
3D scanning of the entire house including portions of the outside.
All hosting for up to 2 years.
No other fees are required for processing, $129.00 is all you pay including taxes.

Want to purchase a virtual tour? Call or text Ryan at 778 789 4907

Example Virtual Tour 1
Example Virtual Tour 2

Google Street View for Business

– Small business – 3 photos $389
– Medium business – 5 to 10 photos $489
– Large business – 11 photos and up $589
This includes uploading to google street view with photos linked together for viewers to walk from photo to photo.