Wireless MicroSD Card Wemos D1 Pro


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Wireless MicroSD card that accepts FTP access.
– Micro USB cable for power is not included.
– Micro SD card is not included.

Comes with programming installed
Wifi Signal Name is SDcard1
Password is 12345678
FTP user: esp8266
FTP Pass: esp8266

The above cannot be changed unless you are able to use the arduino IDE program to make the changes. We have the sketch available on our blog.

If you would like us to make changes to the above we can with no extra charge. Please email ryan@starairvision.com I’m happy to ship you your product with modified code installed.

Once the unit is plugged into a power source (it takes either 5v soldered to the board or micro usb cable plugged in and is not included) it will broadcast a wifi signal of SDcard1. You connect to it with either a PC or smartphone.

Filezilla works very well on PC and there are free ftp programs available for either Iphone or Android.


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