What we do

Our passion is nature, we love being outside in the forests of Vancouver Island and we want to make sure it stays green and beautiful.

Our part in helping nature is remote data acquisition.

Long range wifi and aerial downloading is what we spend our days doing.

We Need Your Help…

It’s very simple, please watch and share our videos.

100% of our funding comes from youtube videos. We don’t ask for donations. And we don’t charge scientists for the technology and service we offer.

I believe that when you’re not worried about catching up on unpaid invoices, negotiating prices, feeling bad about charities in need of our technology but can’t afford us, that our relationships flourish! I’ve found a way to get funding (by posting awesome and entertaining videos) and then using that money to build long range wifi networks, product test micro cameras, data loggers and drones.

My favorite part is putting that technology in the hands of scientists. My reward is the feeling I get knowing that I’m contributing to science in my own way.

Meet the Team

We’re family owned and operated. If you haven’t got family, you’ve got nothing.

Ryan Ruttan

Founder & CEO

Passion: Aviation and wireless data science.


Where would we be without family, these three are my everything. There’s no better adventure in this life than family. They will take you places you just can’t go on your own.

Budding Scientists

When these two came into our lives everything changed. Our twin boys constantly remind me what’s really important in life, FUN. They don’t waste a minute of their lives, they live to the fullest and look for the good in everything they encounter.