Aerial Support

What We Do:

We solve problems. 3D printing can quickly produce working prototypes and we can’t wait to show you what this can do.

This is the affordable way to design and build the items you need.

What We Need:

We need your help.

Once of the most important things you can do to get involved is to watch our videos. Seriously, every time someone views our videos we get paid. It’s how we fund ourselves. 

Here’s what we need the most:
subscribe to our youtube channel called NatureVR.
If you like the video, please click the little thumbs up.
Share the videos on related groups such as facebook.
Comment in your favorite forums with links to our videos.

Those are the real warriors of 2021, the people who can help us to get viewers. That’s where some real change can happen. 

What does this do for you?
You’ll get a huge sense of reward. You’ll also get a reference from us! Yes, that’s right. We can setup a quick phone call to talk about what you’re aiming for in life and we will be there for you. Put us down as a reference!

Action Packed Nature Virtual Reality Video

The video below is at Mt Arrowsmith, we hope you enjoy ripping down the mountain side as much as we do. By liking and sharing this video you’re helping us to fund the expensive path of becoming a registered non-profit. Our mission is to raise money and use drones to help science and nature conservation. One day we hope to build drones that fly out into the pacific ocean to watch for illegal fishing. Please help us with that dream!

What's With Our Name?

It runs in the family. My grandpa Charles Ruttan was co-founder of Star Air Service in Alaska which has now been renamed: Alaska Airlines.

My “Vision” was to see remotely piloted aircraft helping scientists by using remote video with a play on the word television.

Star Air Vision was born, and now that we’ve grown it’s time to change the name to Star Aerospace.

Drones can get where people can't.

In the photo above, there’s a Vancouver Island Marmot. A highly endangered species that only lives here. This photo was taken in a remote location that would have taken hours upon hours to hike into and would have been dangerous. The drone flight took less than 3 minutes to arrive. The drone is so small (less than 250 grams) that the Marmot never even took notice of it.

Contact Us

Ryan: 778 789 4907