Star Air Vision is a drone building company based out of Port Alberni on Vancouver Island in Canada.

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What We Do

Remote Aerial Photography

This is where we got our start. Using drones for what they do best. Affordable aerial photography and video.

Data Aquisition

One of my favorite things to spend time on. Figuring out how to get remote data in real time, or as fast as possible.

From sending in drones to collect data to long range wifi data repeating solutions powered by solar.

What's With Our Name?

It runs in the family. My grandpa Charles Ruttan was co-founder of Star Air Service in Alaska which has now been renamed: Alaska Airlines.

My “Vision” was to see remotely piloted aircraft helping scientists by using remote video with a play on the word television.

Star Air Vision was born.

Drones can get where people can't.

In the photo above, there’s a Vancouver Island Marmot. A highly endangered species that only lives here. This photo was taken in a remote location that would have taken hours upon hours to hike into and would have been dangerous. The drone flight took less than 3 minutes to arrive. The drone is so small (less than 250 grams) that the Marmot never even took notice of it.

Contact Us

Ryan: 778 789 4907

Projects We're Working On:


Wireless Camera – Great for viewing wildlife from a distance. The video streams directly to your smartphone without using an app.
Range Extender – This is for the Wireless Camera project above.
Motion Camera – Very low cost camera trap that records to an SD card and can run for months on rechargeable batteries.
FTP Camera – Takes a photo at regular intervals and sends it directly to Weather Underground. Can be used for any other ftp account as well.

Weather Stations:

Weather Underground – A simple weather station that has temperature, humidity, pressure and dewpoint using Nodemcu and BME280.

Solar Charger – For the project above to keep the batteries fully charged up.

Solar Power Charging:

Solar Field Charger – Great for charging anything via USB.