Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is my passion. I love to fly anything that flies from drones to airplanes to helicopters. What ever it takes to get the job done.

Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography is now more affordable than ever. We’re following all the laws set out by transport Canada while getting you the best shot.

Wildlife and Nature

We do everything from counting wildlife for conservation officers to custom photos and video. If we can’t do it, we can find someone for you.


When two passions come together it’s total harmony and bliss.

We believe in affordability over profits. If we invent some that makes aviation a little safer, it should be almost criminal to make too much profit from it.

Our joy comes from innovation and seeing our projects take to the air.

Most of our avionics products are open source. We explain how you can build them at home. If you’re not techie like us, we’ll happily build it for you.

Please Note

None of our products are currently rated, endorsed or approved by Transport Canada. As our little company grows, so will our ability to get our products approved by Transport Canada. We’re very excited to prove our worth and embrace the challenge of putting our gear to the test.

We love technology and aviation. What a great mix.

A Unique Perspective

We have a different way of making money that keeps our costs low. Most of our income comes from youtube videos and ownership of dividend paying shares. A portion of each purchase goes towards our company’s retirement. That doesn’t mean we’ll go out of business. It means all the profits come from dividends of other companies. When we reach our retirement we will be offering our products at cost. It’s for the love of aviation after all.

Thank You

For taking the time to read through our website. Here’s a little family history and where our name came from.

It was a long time ago in a land far far-ish away in Alaska. My grandpa Charles “Charlie” Ruttan was co-founder of Star Air Service in 1932 which you now know as Alaska Airlines. Read the history here.

Fast forward to 2015 when Ryan Ruttan founded Star Air Vision. A company offering aerial drone video or “vision” services for real estate. As the technology grew and innovations came along a new “Vision” was formed for affordable avionics in full scale aviation and not just drones.

I named the company after my grandfather’s to keep the family history going in aviation. My only wish is to make aviation safer and that my Grandpa was still here to see this.

We also do virtual tours for education:

Check out our Cathedral Grove Virtual Tour